Water and the Environment

  • Water transport, distribution and storage
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Water cycle management studies
  • River management (flood defence systems, channelling, flood risk studies, riverbank rehabilitation, etc.)


In numerous Water and Environmental projects that include providing technical support. Numerous Environmental and Water projects and technical assistance programmes. Out of more than 200, 35% concern water treatment and purification plants and reservoirs.
The latter have involved more than 200,000 m3 of storage capacity.Ingesa agua_medio_ambiente

We have designed and been involved in building more than 200 km of water mains pipes in the province of Cordoba and more than 150 km of sewage lines. This requires a great deal of knowledge about the systems, and it has helped us become one of the leading, most competitive companies in this area.

Moreover, we have completed around fifty projects on fluvial hydraulics, the majority of which concern channelling and flood risk studies.