Environmental Commitment

INGESA aims to be a model company which places innovation, progress in the use of technology, knowledge and environmental protection at the heart of its growth as a company, thus making INGESA a more attractive company, which can offer the highest levels of satisfaction for customers, partners, shareholders and employees.

In order to achieve this, INGESA aims to improve the skills and flexibility of all its staff, constantly trying to innovate in our management systems, supporting the development of experience and know-how within our teams, at the same time adhering to a set of ethical principles which help us to assess the social implications and impact on health and safety, equal opportunities, environment and sustainable development when carrying out any commercial or business transaction.

ingesa responsabilidad-social-corporativaThese ethical principles are based on:

  • Promoting fair competition and a spirit of teamwork both between contractors, partners and suppliers and between employees and competitors.
  • Placing our staff at the strategic centre of our achievements, creating conditions for the full development of their professional potential.
  • Completing all our activities with the highest standards of integrity, applicable all around the world.
  • Offering the utmost transparency of any internal company information provided to investors, customers and staff.

We also always aim to encourage and increase the awareness and commitment of our staff and managers with regard to these basic principles in our day to day business.

Download Quality and environmental policy in PDF format.