The strenght of experience

INGESA is a building and civil engineering consultancy firm that was set up in 1987. For more than 25 years it has worked on major projects all over Andalusia and other parts of Spain. Today INGESA is one of the leading companies from the sector in the region of Andalusia. We work for the most important local, regional and national authorities and for other private clients that put their trust in our competence and expertise.

The key to the company’s success lies in having a very experienced team of professionals that are distinguished for their reliability, accuracy and technical skills. Recently a new line of work, namely R+D+i, has been launched to complement building and civil engineering. The ambitious projects that have already been carried out in this new field show our clients how committed INGESA is to innovation and improvement.

ingesa solidez y experiencia

Our enterprising spirit is complemented by our determination to expand geographically. With this in mind, we have become involved in an intense internationalisation process that is already getting good results on the international market.