Professional team, well organised talent

INGESA is supported by a qualified, professional team of experts: civil engineers, architects, building engineers, building surveyors, agriculturists, public works engineers, industrial engineering technicians and graduates in business administration and management. Another advantage we have is that all the members of our company are professionals working every day in their different fields.

Our team is distinguished for its sense of responsibility and work efficiency. Even though many of the professionals working at INGESA are young, to a large extent, they do have more than ten years experience working in the company, with outstanding projects to their credit. Our clients value the transparency and the accessibility of the INGESA team, which then creates trust and security. The professionals at INGESA have ongoing training available for them related to their own areas of work, and also interdisciplinary environmental awareness. The fact that labour turnover among the technical team is insignificant makes INGESA a very stable and completely reliable company in the eyes of its clients.Ingesa Equipo humano

The INGESA head office is located in the city centre of Cordoba. Our offices are equipped with all the resources needed do be able to carry out our work efficiently. The offices that cover 450m² are divided up into different sections of the company: the technical departments, technical drawing, administration, the library, a multipurpose room and the archives. Whenever the work of project management or technical support so requires, INGESA sets up a technical office near the site whilst the project in question is being carried out. INGESA currently has technical offices in Seville, Cadiz, Jaén, Malaga and Granada.