A company in expansion

INGESA is behind some of the most remarkable building and civil engineering projects in Andalusia. We have been growing continuously for more than two decades now, and we are distinguished for our experience, accuracy and transparency. That is what our clients acknowledge us for.

Ingesa Trayectoria y compromisoQuality and know-how cannot be improvised. So apart from the knowledge gained from training and experience, INGESA also focuses on quality management. We are certified by AENOR pursuant to the ISO 9001 Standard and the international IQNET. Our efforts to make sure that our work has minimum effects on the environment have also earned us the ISO 14001:2004 certificate from AENOR. Likewise, our work in R+D+i is carried out in accordance with the ISO 166.002 Standard.

Maximum safety and health protection in building is a must in any project that we take on. We use all the technical and human resources available to ensure that these conditions are fulfilled. Efficiency, accuracy and expertise go hand in hand in our work. This is the only way to ensure that structures are well built and beautiful.

INGESA’s responsibility and reliability is conveyed through the official authorisations to tender for contracts with the most important regional and national authorities. INGESA plays an active role in building and civil engineering by taking part in different associations from the sector and also by supporting the Andalusian Innovation Centre for Sustainability in Building (the CIAC Foundation).