The Andalusian Public Company for Educational Infrastructure and Services (ISE Andalucía) has awarded INGESA the contract for Project Design and Site Management for the new Type C3 Infant and Primary School in Umbrete, Seville. This project comprises a building which will be developed based on a prototype.

The proposed layout of the building is in line with the south east façade where it has its main entrance, with the infant and primary school classrooms to the north east, and backing onto the rest of the developed plot.  The majority of the building has two floors, forming a significant rectangular shape, while only the smaller modules have just one floor: the gymnasium and the dining room. The tallest part of the building lies to the north east, bordering the Umbrete Sports Complex, while the lower buildings face onto the new residential area, set back from the edge of the plot leaving room for parking and green areas, creating a differentiated and institutional image, set back from the entrance and opening into a U shape.

The car parks remain alongside the main entrance, as in the prototype, creating a border between the primary playground and the road, with the parking area set slightly lower than the road level, as the building lies at a height more appropriate for the main entrance, levelled at approximately 50-60 cm above the road, making the difference in height more noticeable in the car park.

The primary playground therefore lies between the gymnasium, dining room and porches. The building housing the infant and primary school classrooms faces north east. The northern side of the un-developed property is reserved for the sports areas, allotment and gardens, together with the infant school playground and a reserve area for possible extensions.