The proposal of the Architect Rocio Oria “fits both phases required to maintain the building while building the child C2”, which is considered optimal for its best condition, by having the same number of classrooms and its closest existing facade access. Also, to occupy unless the primary and placed next to the head, it frees up more space for the construction of the new center, allowing the first phase include the whole school including the dining room and the gym.
The set is a building that integrates the playground inside and that adapts precisely to their immediate surroundings. All porches are concentrated in the central and communicated visually, but not physically, through the entrance hall.
It is a building that flees the stereotype of single compact block with two levels and commitment to greater wealth in composition, combining volumes one and two different heights but with the gym, dining room and porch header.
Regarding the proposed finishes neutral image, the white combined with darker colored sockets Slate with play areas.