On 2nd June, our company INGENIERÍA Y ESTUDIOS DE ANDALUCÍA (INGESA) signed a Framework Agreement for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Collaboration with the University of Córdoba (UCO). The Act took place in the offices of the Rector, Jose Manuel Roldán Nogueras, together with Jaime Linares Torralbo and Lourdes Martínez Juguera, Managing Director and Technical Director of INGESA, respectively.

This Framework Agreement, the result of a relationship built up with the University of Córdoba over a number of months, will shortly be embodied into a specific agreement for the study of a new building material, an organic structural flooring, on which INGESA has been working for some time, and which requires essential collaboration from the Agricultural Hydrology and Hydraulic Research Group AGR127 at PAIDI.


A number of further lines of research are under study in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics and new asphalt mix surfaces, which we hope to address in future projects together with UCO.